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Daredevil kayaker to paddle 225 miles down the Grand Canyon

A 41-year-old from Wearside is set to embark on a thrilling 225-mile white-water canoe trip through the Grand Canyon.

In preparation for the trip, Fergus Lynch may want to invest in kayak insurance, as the Sunderland Echo reports he will face 150 rapids and 15ft waves.

Despite the dangers, the daredevil has described his excitement at taking part, claiming the fact the route is not guided and those taking part have to be self-sufficient is a major attraction.

"The river is prone to flash floods at the time of year that we are going, so we are going to have to be on our game to ensure that we don't flip any of our support rafts or lose any equipment," Mr Lynch stated.

According to Mr Lynch, the chance to take part is a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity", as non-commercial river trip permits are in limited supply and offered to the public through a weighted lottery.

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