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Cyclists claims 50ft bike lane a ‘disgrace’

A cycle enthusiast has criticised the implementation of a bike lane in Birmingham, news which may interest those looking for bicycle insurance.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, chairman of the city cycle lobby Push Bikes Mr John Bennett explained how the route only stretches around 50ft.

He described the decision to paint such a short lane on Linden Road in Bournville as “pathetic” and clearly shows no understanding of cyclists needs.

“As far as I can see, it protects cyclists from nothing and serves no real purpose other than to confuse people,” Mr Bennett stated.

He blamed engineers for not having enough knowledge of how bikers use roads and claimed there are many areas where such lanes instruct people to use pavements.

This then puts cyclists in danger as they have to continually get on and off their bikes, Mr Bennett added.

Bike lanes are designed to keep users as safe as possible while on the road by giving them their own designated area to travel alongside cars and vans.

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