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Cycling world rallies after £250,000 bike theft

Retailer Tri UK has thanked the cycling world for rallying after it became the victim of a massive bike theft.

A pair of Ford Transit Luton Box vans packed with new models was stolen from the firm and the police have launched an investigation into the crime.

Speaking to Bike Biz, Alison Boon, partner at Tri UK, thanked everyone who has been in touch to show their support through phone calls, emails and social media messages.

She said: "After being in the triathlon industry for over 21 years, the sheer response and goodwill being sent to Tri UK has overwhelmed us. All leads are being passed over to the police and Tri UK are still hoping some of these bikes will show up – especially the more rare ones."

Ms Boon noted that the outpouring of support in the wake of the massive bike theft has "reminded us once again just how great our industry and sport really is".

A reward of up to £100,000 is now being offered by the firm in exchange for the return of the stolen bicycles. The registration numbers of the two Ford Transit Luton Box vans are DY12 FJF and DV61 DJE.

Tri UK sells a vast range of cycling-related gear, from bikes and protective clothing to recording glasses and water bottles.

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