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Cycle theft campaign launched in Hull

A new police inspector in Humberside has revealed how the local force is launching a new campaign to tackle cycle theft in the region.

Pete Ogden has taken over as the inspector overseeing the East and Park neighbourhood policing teams, which covers much of the eastern part of the city of Hull.

Speaking to the Hull Daily Mail, the officer revealed how he is looking forward to making a real impact in the areas and forming links with the local communities in a bid to cut cycle theft.

The inspector explained thieves often see bicycles as an easy target for theft, especially as some cyclists fail to adequately lock their bikes securely when they leave them in a public place.

"Bikes aren't cheap and they are often the only mode of transport someone has, so having it stolen is a huge inconvenience for them," he said, adding: "Most thieves will look for an easy target, which a bike is if it is unlocked or weakly locked or not in a very visible area. It is in everyone's interests to make it as difficult as possible for thieves."

Inspector Ogden revealed 1,977 bikes were stolen in the city between February 2012 and January 2013, which is a slight increase on the previous year, when 1,939 bikes were taken.

Victims of bike theft might need to make a claim on their cycle insurance policy in order to be able to get a replacement for their stolen model.

The inspector admitted that the number of cycle thefts taking place in Hull is "too high" at the present time and work needs to be done to bring the figure down in the coming months.

British Transport Police recently announced it is launching an investigation after the theft of a cycle on February 2nd at Hull train station.

PC Mark Lambert, the investigating officer, explained a 42-year-old member of rail staff from Hull was the victim of the crime.


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