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Custody battle over Coco, the African grey

Coco is a well known and much loved African grey living at Pets Corner in Harlow, Essex. He is an important part of the council run establishment, one of the family as the bird imitates staff and animals and can speak Italian and sing ‘O Sole Mio’. Coco was bought from a pet shop by Mr Ferlazzo in 1984 who spent a considerable amount of time teaching him to speak and sing both in English and Italian. Unfortunately, Mr Ferlazzo had to leave the parrot behind to avoid the bother of quarantine with his ex-partner after his relationship break-up. He returned years later only to find that the parrot was not living with his ex-partner as he thought, but placed to Pets Corner and wanted the African grey back. As nine years have passed and Harlow council has invested in Coco’s welfare and upkeep, it is believed by the park that to move Coco would cause unnecessary distress to the bird. Coco is a popular attraction in Harlow Town Park’s Pets Corner, which is also a home to other animals, and they have refused to hand the bird over last week.

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