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Crew rescued from sinking fishing vessel

The owner of a fishing vessel may be forced to claim on their boat insurance after the ship was involved in a collision in the Irish Sea.

Lifeboats were sent out to rescue the crew of the Lynn Marie at 06:00 BST when it began taking on water.

The 56 ft boat was towed back to shore by Port St Mary Lifeboat as it was too badly damaged to sail its way in.

It is understood that the port side bow of the fishing vessel suffered extensive damage after it hit the 258 ft coaster MV Philip five-and-a-half miles out to sea.

Both the Port St Mary Lifeboat and the HM Customs cutter Sentinel helped pump water out of the sinking boat.

The station at Port St Mary was established in 1896 following a number of shipwrecks that occurred in the area.

It is currently manned by a team of 25 volunteers and full-time staff.

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