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Couple have wedding gifts stolen by thief

Brides and grooms-to-be may want to invest in wedding insurance after hearing how one couple had their gifts stolen from their reception.

Police are hunting an opportunistic thief who made off with gifts, cash and personal messages that were left for Craig Spoke and Anita Hunt.

The box containing the items was taken from the lobby area of the ACE Centre in Lancashire where it had been placed ready to take home.

Sean Hunt, the father-of-the-bride, said: “There must have been a lot of money in there.

“I know one person put £150 cash in a card. I can imagine the temptation would have been massive if someone found it.”

Wedding guests are thought to have placed several thousand pounds worth of cash, cheques and gifts in the box.

Elsewhere in Lancashire, an ornamental golden swing valued at £2,000 and used in Asian wedding celebrations was recently stolen from a van, the BBC reported.

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