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Copy Cat boards the number 3 bus

Casper, a moggy from the South West of England patiently stands at the bus stop for bus number 3 every morning. He waits for the 10.55 service and jumps aboard and takes his regular back seat spot. He then travels around Plymouth for eleven miles before getting off at his stop and returning home. Casper gets on the bus everyday and has done so for the past four years. Bus drivers on the route are told to look out for Casper and make sure he gets off at his correct stop. Casper was rescued in 2002 from a rescue centre by his 65 year old owner, Susan Finden. She believes that Casper saw her catching the bus one day and copied her movements. “He’d disappear for hours and I never understood why until a driver told me. He sits patiently in the queue – good as gold – it’ll be person, person, cat, person, person! The drivers all check he’s on the bus and that he gets back safely.” The bus drivers all let Casper onto the 10.55am service at their discretion and a First Bus spokesperson has commented “We wouldn’t sell a cat a Rover ticket. But in cat years he’s an OAP so he’d get a free bus pass anyway!”

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Source: www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2561512/cat-takes-a-daily-trip-on-No-3-bus, 17th August 2009

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