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Choosing Where to Pitch a Tent

Choosing the Best Place to Pitch a Tent

A camping holiday can be fun and exciting, but deciding where that all important place is to pitch your tent can be troublesome. Ensuring that you set up camp in a spot that is going to be comfortable and accommodating is important as it will become your home during your stay.

1. Locate on Hard High Ground

Especially in the great British weather it’s always a good idea to prepare for rain. When looking for a location for your tent always opt for hard soil on high ground. This is advisable as when it rains, soft soil in lowland has a higher tendency to flood and move around. Sometimes, it can be impossible to avoid nature’s harsh elements and equipment can get damaged. To allow room for any camping fatalities, it can be a good idea to take out camping insurance to protect yourself.

2. Look out For Water

In some of the more basic campsites there isn’t always a mains system providing you with running water. If you intend to stay a few days then taking bottled water with you will suffice. However, if you intend to stay slightly longer it can be a good idea to camp somewhere that has a nearby water supply.

3. Accessibility

It can be wise to make sure that your campsite has vehicle access, as it will make it easier when carrying heavy camping equipment around. If there isn’t a nearby designated parking area then ensure that there is a clearly marked footpath from the parking to the site.

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