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Chef lands Britain’s largest freshwater fish

A chef from Essex managed to land the UK's largest ever freshwater fish, which tipped the scales at almost the same weight as him.

The 65.3kg wels catfish was just 3.3 kgs lighter than the 31-year-old James Jones' own weight and 1.5ft taller, the Daily Mail reports.

Mr Jones caught the seven foot beast at Oak Lakes Fishery in Essex after two hours battling to reel it in.

"I couldn't believe the weight of it when I felt it bite. It pulled the line all the way across the lake and I just had to wait until it tired itself out," the angler stated.

Fortunately, Mr Jones did not need to make a claim on his fishing insurance, as he managed to eventually land the catfish without too much drama.

Such large catfish are usually caught by avid anglers who travel to areas overseas that are known to be home to the large creatures, such as Spain and Cambodia.

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