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Charitable horse rider gets royal approval

A man who is undertaking a 400-mile horse ride to raise money for charity has been given a good luck message from Prince Charles, equine insurance customers might be interested to learn.

The heir to the throne commended Colonel Ewan Cameron on his venture, which will see him travel from London to Edinburgh in a bid to raise £27,000, reports the Wandsworth Guardian.

Funds raised during the attempt will be donated to the military charities Combat Stress and The Light Dragoons Colonel’s Appeal.

In his good luck letter, Prince Charles said: “This is one of those rare challenges that with the advance of time and technology has not become any easier – and nor, I doubt has the potential problem of saddle sores.”

The ride was inspired by the story of Sir Carey, who rode from the English capital to the Scottish city to tell King James VI of the death of Queen Elizabeth I.

One of the longest races in history was the Great American Horse Race of 1976, which saw more than 500 people travel 3,000 miles from New York to California.

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