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Cats ‘have a great internal clock’

Cat insurance customers with feline companions might be interested to learn that their pets have superb internal clocks.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, vet Pete Wedderburn explained that while the animals cannot read clocks, they are Estrategias Para Atraer Clientes Y Generar Mas Ventas very aware of the time of day.

He noted that they are extremely sensitive to things such as birdsong and daylight.

“Cats have an internal clock which is very accurate and they just ‘know’ when it’s time for things to start happening,” he added.

His comments came in response to one reader who had noticed that her moggy wakes her husband at the same time each day by pawing at his face.

This month, cat charities in Scotland received a huge cash injection from a reclusive doctor who bequeathed more than £1 million to various good causes in her will.

Those with cat insurance might be pleased to learn that among the organisations to benefit from Dr Doreen Scorgie’s generosity were the Cats Protection League and Tayside Cat Shelter.

Estrategias Para Atraer Clientes Y Generar Mas Ventas

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