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Hearing Dogs Awards 2016 Review

  Hearing Dogs for Deaf People was founded as a charity in 1982 and since those humble beginnings it has gone from strength to strength. Officially launched at that year’s Crufts exhibition as a three-year pilot scheme by Bruce Fogle and Lady Beatrice Wright, ably assisted by Gill Lacey and Tony Blunt, Hearing Dogs has grown, year on year, and … More

Feeling ‘Appy

Some of the Best iPhone 7 Apps for Our Customers The new Apple iPhone 7 officially launched on the 16th September 2016 and, as has become biannual tradition, the global frenzy has been intense. For months and months, speculation has been rife about the changes the Cupertino-based tech company would be making to their latest mobile phone model. Rumours swirled … More

Dogs at risk from being poisoned from toxic palm oil washed up on UK beaches
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  A white, waxy substance has been discovered on several UK beaches recently. It turns out the waste is potentially deadly to dogs, once consumed the animals writhe around in pain and can end up killing them. So far at least 4 pets have died with dozens more being left poisoned. The substance is solidified palm oil which has been … More

Labrador trained by Medical Detection Dogs charity to save owner’s life

A Labrador named Maisie is a medical detection dog. This means that she is trained to be aware and act if she senses something wrong.  Her 6-year-old owner, Alena Hughes was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was just 3 years old. Alena relies on Maisie to inform her if she is at risk of falling into a diabetic … More

Dog meant to fly to Arizona ended up in Ireland

A 6-year old dog named Hendrix was meant to fly from Newark to Phoenix but the airline made a mistake. The English springer spaniel ended up in Shannon, Ireland. The dog’s owner was notified of the travel error only a few minutes before Hendrix was due to arrive in Arizona. She said: ‘I felt like somebody had punched me in … More

Jack Russell eats 111 pennies but survives after life-saving surgery

The Jack Russell Terrier named Jack from New York ate a massive 111 coins whilst eating the remainder of a bagel. The pet was eating the bagel leftovers from his owner’s desk. He didn’t realise he was also ingesting over 100 pennies. The dog’s owner could tell there was something not right as his pet started vomiting and his health … More

Dog branded a hero after saving 68-year old French woman’s life
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 A French woman tried to take her own life recently in South-East France. She was planning to shoot herself but was stopped by her caring German Shepherd. She intended to shoot herself in the head with a 22-caliber rifle. She had fired several test shots before raising the gun to her head. According to French newspaper ‘Le Figaro’, at the … More

Who Is Man’s Best Friend, Cat or Dog?
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Who Is Man’s Best Friend, Cat or Dog? The competition between cats and dogs has always provoked a passionate response amongst pet lovers. Some will say that a dog really is man’s best friend, while others think that a feline is the only thing with four legs that should be stepping inside your house. Friendliness Dog owners will say their … More

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