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Feeling ‘Appy

Some of the Best iPhone 7 Apps for Our Customers The new Apple iPhone 7 officially launched on the 16th September 2016 and, as has become biannual tradition, the global frenzy has been intense. For months and months, speculation has been rife about the changes the Cupertino-based tech company would be making to their latest mobile phone model. Rumours swirled … More

Tips for taking your pooch on Holiday

Tips for Taking Your Pooch on Holiday Taking your dog on holiday for the first time can be a little daunting, especially if it’s abroad to a different climate. Making sure that they are in a suitable, fit state to travel and well behaved should be top on your agenda as you prepare for your trip. Transportation If your pet … More

The Importance of Getting Your Pets Microchipped

The Importance of Getting Your Pets Microchipped When looking out for your pet, one of the best things you can do for your cat or dog is to get them microchipped. Microchips work by simply inserting a small identification chip under the skin. Claiming to be a painless procedure where the animal feels, if anything a little stinging sensation seconds … More

Return of the Pink Panther

An animal welfare officer has been notified last week that there was a pink cat in Swindon that was thrown over a fence. The RSPCA was trying to trace the owner of the pet that was dyed pink, but the person responsible for the deed has done this very carefully by avoiding the cat’s eyes and nose. They tried to … More

Twilight star takes cat everywhere she goes
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Twilight’s Bella, Kristen Stewart revealed that she takes her cat Max with her whenever she has to fly anywhere. She explained that she does not like to be separated from Max: ‘I really like him. It’s frustrating when you travel, though, and especially because my cat is insane.’ Kristen feels sorry for her cat as Max cries during flights, but … More