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Hints and Tips

Going For Gold!
Posted on by marketing

Our nifty and alternative infographic to the greatest show on Earth! This August, Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Summer Olympics. The games return to South America for the first time since 1968, as the event reaches the 31st Olympiad. With over 28 Olympic sports, taking place in 33 venues and contested by 207 nations for a total of … More

Try to Avoid Troubles on Your Travels
Posted on by marketing

Summer has finally arrived and it’s time to start planning your holidays. You might be looking forward to an extended period off work where you can enjoy a beach holiday with the family, a short European city break, a trip to one of the more scenic and idyllic spots in the British Isles or maybe you’ve just finished your A-Levels … More

Spring Roundup: Health risks and tips for horses
Sycamore seeds are the cause of EAM

HEALTH RISKS FOR YOU HORSE IN SPRING Lice 2014 was a bad year for outbreaks of lice. Warmer winters tend to see greater outbreaks with lice tending to get in the manes, tails, and backs of horses. They proliferate in thick wintry coats and are especially prevalent in native types and horses from sales. Watch out for signs of rubbing, … More

Should you declaw your cat?
Posted on by marketing

One of the main problems with cat ownership can be the scratching and some owners consider having the cat de-clawed but apart from the fact this banned in the UK, it causes trauma and behavioural problems for the cat and also can leave the animal fearful and insecure. The process of declawing comes mainly from USA where it is still … More

Dogs at risk from being poisoned from toxic palm oil washed up on UK beaches
Posted on by marketing

  A white, waxy substance has been discovered on several UK beaches recently. It turns out the waste is potentially deadly to dogs, once consumed the animals writhe around in pain and can end up killing them. So far at least 4 pets have died with dozens more being left poisoned. The substance is solidified palm oil which has been … More

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