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Frequently Asked Questions When Caring for Your Horse
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Frequently Asked Questions about Your Horse Do I Really Need Horse Insurance? If your horse becomes injured or ill, getting them the specialist treatment they need can be extremely expensive. Horse insurance is the best way to protect against the unexpected and the risk of not having insurance really isn’t worth it. Insurers with experience in equine and livestock will … More

What To Consider When Deciding On Horse Insurance
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What to Consider When Deciding On Horse Insurance You could be forgiven for believing all horse insurance policies are exactly the same. Of course, this isn’t true. Once doing your research you’ll see that it’s necessary to look around in order to get the best deal. E&L insurance are just one of a number of horse insurance companies that will … More

The Horse Has A Unique Place in British History
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The Horse’s Unique Place in British History For centuries, horses were a principle means of transportation – as soon as we realised their resourcefulness as key farming tools, ploughing fields and pulling carts. Ever since, we humans have since used them extensively in both war and in sport. But Britain’s relationship with the horse cannot be left as merely a … More

How to Keep Your Horse Healthy

How to Keep Your Horse Healthy Taking care of a horse can be a big responsibility especially with so many different grooming regimes to incorporate into your routine. Knowing the behaviour of your horse can really help when noticing whether something is wrong or it’s feeling unwell. Having your animal covered by E&L horse insurance can help if they fall … More

Tips for Your First Horse Riding Lesson

Tips for Your First Horse Riding Lesson If you have never properly ridden a horse before, then your first riding lesson can be a little daunting.  It’s important that you feel comfortable with your chosen horse and develop a good form of communication. Animals can be particularly intuitive when it comes to picking up body language so allowing yourself to … More

Tips on Picking A Good Horse Trailer

Why It’s Important To Pick A Good Horse Trailer Horses can be particularly sensitive animals, susceptible to the noises and movements of those around them. Taking this into account, making sure they are comfortable and safely protected whilst being transported around is important to their wellbeing. It can be worthwhile getting a horse insurance quote to see if there are … More

E&L is offering 20% discount on online quotes for horse insurance

E&L® Insurance provides specialist niche insurance products. We are a well known and established provider of personal line niche schemes and have been in business for more than 75 years. We strive to provide a first class claims and customer service on products that offer comprehensive cover and competitive premiums for a variety of insurance products. Our main insurance schemes … More

Horse Trust to offer half-term classes

Equine insurance customers might be looking to introduce their children to horses for the first time as the Horse Trust is planning a number of different activities for kids during the October half-term. The sanctuary in Buckinghamshire will be open every day between Saturday October 22nd and Sunday October 30th – except Tuesday and Wednesday – from 14:00-16:00 GMT. Staff … More

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Grazing horses removed from town

Equine insurance customers in Tipton, West Midlands, are having their horses removed from public land near their homes as the council prohibits grazing. Sandwell Council has employed bailiffs to remove the horses, which are tethered on public land. The council is also charging owners who want their animals back. Head of welfare for the British Horse Society Lee Hackett told … More

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