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Should you declaw your cat?
Posted on by marketing

One of the main problems with cat ownership can be the scratching and some owners consider having the cat de-clawed but apart from the fact this banned in the UK, it causes trauma and behavioural problems for the cat and also can leave the animal fearful and insecure. The process of declawing comes mainly from USA where it is still … More

Is this pet really missing ?
Posted on by marketing

Cardiff residents were recently confused when a picture of a missing cat appeared in a window only with the cat sat next to it. The black and white short tailed cat posed next to the picture in its owners home however it is rumored that the cat in the picture may be of its twin brother or sister. Hopefully the … More

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Cat lovers urged not to stroke their pets too much as it can cause stress
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Caressing your cat may seem a good way to show affection but it can leave your pet stressed out. Constant stroking is disliked by all felines although some put up with it, a study shows. ‘Cats who tolerate rather than enjoy or dislike being petted seem to be the most stressed,’ said Professor Daniel Mills ofLincolnUniversity. He also found that, … More

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Are you becoming a pet hoarder?
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Pet hoarding is now considered a bonafide mental illness. The disorder is most simply defined as keeping an unusual number of pets without possessing the ability to properly house or care for them, while simultaneously denying this inability.Anyone can become a pet hoarder, but statistically, most are female, half are over age 60 and most live alone. But, do be … More

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Dog insurance comparison with EandL, offering cheap insurance with a 25% discount online!

E&L® Insurance provides specialist niche insurance products. We are a well known and established provider of personal line niche schemes and have been in business for more than 75 years. We strive to provide a first class claims and customer service on products that offer comprehensive cover and competitive premiums for a variety of insurance products. Our main insurance schemes … More

Jimmy the cat ‘gives thumbs up’

Cat insurance customers may be amused by a video of one unusual moggy that is currently doing the rounds on video-sharing website YouTube. The clip shows a black feline called Jimmy apparently giving his owners a thumbs up upon request. In fact, the cat appears to have polydactyly, which means he has extra digits. Because of this, when he flexes … More

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