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Delays caused by overturned caravan
Posted on by marketing

The importance of taking out tourer caravan insurance may have been highlighted by a second incident on the A419. Traffic was disrupted when a caravan overturned on the same stretch of road where an accident occurred last week, the Swindon Advertiser reports. Commuters faced delays as the unit lay on its side on the northbound carriageway blocking one lane. It was … More

Arson suspected in caravan fire
Posted on by marketing

One holiday home owner may be forced to claim on their caravan insurance following a suspected arson attack in Castlefield. The mobile unit was completely destroyed by a blaze that was attended by three fire crews, the Bucks Free Press reports. It is yet to be discovered what caused the inferno, but police suspect the caravan was deliberately set alight. This … More

Female drivers ‘better than male’
Posted on by marketing

A comment made by one expert concerning which of the sexes is a better driver may spark debate among couples looking for tourer caravan insurance. Peter Staddon, head of technical services at the British Insurance Brokers’ Association, claims that statistics show women are more competent than men. He explained how between the ages of 18 and 49, ladies are “very good” … More

Arsonists damage 2 homes through caravan fires
Posted on by marketing

An arson attack may have forced two families to claim on their caravan insurance after their vehicles were completely destroyed. The Mansfield and Ashfield Chad reports how criminals set two mobile homes alight, which were parked on driveways in the area. Fire crews were called to the second site within ten minutes of the first incident and police have launched an … More

Aberdeen County Fair offers a taste of Scotland

Visiting Aberdeen County Fair may be something caravan insurance customers could enjoy while in Scotland. The event is held on the last Saturday of each month and brings together local farmers, craft-makers and bakers from across the region. It is estimated that 30,000 people attend the market, which is one of the largest of its kind in the country. Stallholders pitch … More

Lost Enid Blyton novel tells story of magical caravan

Holidaymakers looking for tourer caravan insurance may be interested to hear about an Enid Blyton novel that has been uncovered. A 180-page manuscript written by the famous author was found in an archive collection of her work. Entitled Mr Tumpy’s Caravan, the unpublished novel tells the story of a magical caravan and the people that stay in it. The lost work … More

Caravan blaze fought by 20 firemen

A number of mobile home owners in Askern may have to claim on their caravan insurance after fire fighters were called to a blaze at a site in Sutton Road. More than 20 professionals from three stations were deployed to tackle the inferno in a bid to stop it spreading, the Doncaster Free Press reports. Three caravans were ablaze and a … More

Caravanning holidays ‘rising in popularity’

Individuals looking for cheap caravan insurance may be interested to hear one expert’s comments about the industry. The National Caravan Council’s (NCC’s) deputy director general Alicia Dunne described how holidaying in the UK appears to be becoming increasingly popular. She explained how caravanners were “out in force” at recent shows in Manchester and Glasgow and business appears to be doing well. … More

Could Harrogate be a good caravan destination?

Caravan insurance customers may want to consider a trip to Harrogate following one expert’s description of its “irresistible charm”. A representative from the local Tourism Team explained how there is plenty to do and see in the town. Visitors are said to be enthralled by the location due to the “fabulous shopping, cafe culture, fine cuisine, glorious gardens, a reputation … More

Caravans set alight in arson attacks

Two mobile home owners may be forced to claim on their caravan insurance after their vehicles were set a blaze. Fire crews attended the scene of two infernos in Nottinghamshire in the early hours of the morning on Thursday (February 17th), the BBC reports. Local police have released a statement claiming the fires were started deliberately and anyone with information is … More

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