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Birds in Japan showing strange mutation
Posted on by marketing

There is research coming from the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology in Japan that after the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 where three nuclear power reactors were heavily damaged, there are changes in the local birds however it cannot be determined if this is a direct result of the radiation from the plant. Data is collected from a river close to … More

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Is A Bird The Right Pet For You?
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A pet bird can make a fantastic companion in the right home but, as with every type of pet, they are by no means the perfect pet for everyone. Pet birds require a lot of love and attention, and need the right environment in which to flourish.  Lifestyle Your lifestyle will play a big part in how happy a bird … More

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The 4-winged predecessors of our feathered friends

Researchers in China have discovered interesting evidence that the first birds actually had 4 wings instead of just 2. This meant that birds used to soar through the skies more like a plane than a bird. The research team learnt that the extra pair of wings gave the birds an extra boost which helped them fly quicker. Bird skeletons found … More

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How to Take Care of Your Exotic Birds
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How to Take Care of Your Exotic Birds Exotic birds are beautiful creatures, whether you own a parrot, a canary of a cockatoo exotic birds are renowned for their fantastic colourful plumage and chirpy companionship. Try the Three Bowl System Introducing three bowls into your exotic bird’s diet regime is a good idea of making sure they receive all the … More

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