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Cash-strapped couples cutback on wedding booze

Taking out wedding insurance may be a wise idea for those couples who are concerned about the costs of their nuptials.

According to a new study by Shelias’ Wheels home insurance, an increasing number of brides and grooms-to-be are sacrificing traditions in order to afford their big day.

Research found that only 27 per cent of couples still pay for an open bar so their friends and family can drink for free while celebrating at a reception.

Meanwhile, half of all those asked would try and save money by opting not to have bottles of wine on the tables.

A further 49 per cent would even go so far as to forgo the traditional free glass of champagne that guests use to toast the couple.

One bride who seems to have no concerns about her wedding alcohol budget is model Kate Moss, who reportedly had bottles of rum flown in by helicopter after she and her friends polished off the lot at her Isle of Wight Festival hen party.

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