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Caravans bill ‘set to give owners more rights’

Individuals looking for static caravan insurance may be pleased to hear new legislation has been passed regarding owners’ rights.

The Northern Ireland (NI) Assembly has agreed to introduce the caravans bill that was spearheaded by Ulster Unionist party member of the Legislative Assembly John McAllister.

He first proposed a change in the law after claiming the 1963 Caravans Act (NI) did not extend far enough to protect the rights of users.

Mr McAllister described how people would be forced to buy and sell from site owners and there were often no written agreements between owners and these individuals.

Social development minister Alex Attwood explained: “For years, some caravan owners here had to, at the drop of a hat, accept changes made by site owners.

“This has meant raised fees, moved caravans and even eviction from sites.”

The new legislation has seen more rights being given to the 14,000 static caravan owners in the country as policies come in line with the rest of the UK.

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