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Caravanning in winter

Gone are the days when the first sign of frost sends British caravaner’s running into brick and mortar in search of central heating and warm running water.

Some may argue that today’s caravan enthusiasts are made of stronger stuff, others believe the winter endurance is down to improvements in caravan design and the caravan site redevelopments to help visitors cope with the cold.

Either way there are now several caravan sites in Britain which thrive in the winter months.

So what should you think about when making a winter caravanning trip?

Make sure you have adequate water provisions, which will not be rendered useless in freezing temperatures. Many modern caravans have water tanks in lockers on the inside, while these are accessible from the outside, the design helps to prevent them freezing. For those of you without an internal water tank, you can buy an insulated internal tank to take into your caravan. It is a good idea to fill up your tank up at night; larger volumes of water will take longer to freeze so make sure your tank is full to cope with the night time temperature drops.

It is vital to keep warm, make sure you take extra bedding and extra clothes with you – you never know when you will need then.

It may sound strange to put up a caravan porch in the winter- however a  porches can help to insulate your caravan and keep in the heat, so remember even if it is unlikely you will enjoy an evening mean in your porch, putting one up can help you to stay warm.

Low watt electric heaters are a great alternative to gas heaters, while the heat may not be as in intense as with gas, electric heaters provide a safe alternative particularly if you intend of leaving the heater on at night.

When cooking you should opt for propane as it can be used in freezing conditions where as butane will freeze below 4 degrees centigrade.

Ventilation can also be key – you may think it strange to have to think about ventilation in winter, however condensation can be a big problem for those taking to the caravan parks this winter – if you are brave you can leave a couple of windows on the latch while you sleep. However, moisture absorbing crystals are also available to help you tackle the problem.

Are you planning on using your caravan in winter? Have you become a pro at winter-caravanning? Do you have any tips you would like to share with our blog readers?

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