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Caravaners benefit from a deal struck with Roadchef

The roadside restaurant and café chain Roadchef is about to become caravan friendly.

Thanks to a deal with The Caravan Club  the chain which will make improvements to its sites to make them more accessible to caravans and motor homes.

The improvements will make the car parks and service roads more manoeuvrable to  caravans and campers.

Meanwhile The Caravan Club will promote the benefits of taking a break while travelling to its members. To incentivise this break Caravan Club members will be given special 20% discount at Roadchef outlets including; Wimpy, Burger Company Costa, Hot Food Co or Restbite concessions.

Speaking on the Clubs website Tony Lewis, Membership Marketing Manager at The Caravan Club, said:

“We’re pleased that the concerns of members have been taken on board by Roadchef,”

“It’s important to take a proper break when you’re on a long journey and we want to make sure wherever possible that Club members can do so in comfort and safety, so they return to the road refreshed and replenished!”

“Caravan Club members are key users of our services and the relationship between our two organisations can only work for their benefit,”

Both the Highways Agency and The Caravan Club recommend that motorists take a break at least every two hours on the road- however, with these mouth watering offers and easy access you may find caravaners stopping for a tasty treat even more frequently, food & drinks re-fuelling stops may even be worked into many  an itinerary.

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