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Caravan thieves better watch out when Google street view is about

Google Street View has come in for a lot of criticism lately, with anger over data gathering and debates over invasion of privacy.

However, for the Soanes family from Derbyshire Street View is helping police to find the thief that stole their caravan.

Back in June last year, Mrs Soanes returned home to find that the family caravan had been stolen from their drive way.

With no trace as to its whereabouts, or any leads for the police to go on, it appeared that the thief had gotten away with it.

However 9 months later Mrs Soanes’ son was looking on Google street view and their was a man stood on the drive with his 4×4 next to the family caravan.

The picture had been taken on the day of the theft and by a stoke of luck, appears to have captured the prime suspect for the crime.

Unfortunately, the image has not yet led to an arrest. Google had blurred out the 4×4 number plate and the family are waiting to see if the original, un blurred image, has been kept by Google.

The image of the man is helping with the police investigations and Google street view will no doubt have gained another critic in the form of this particular caravan thief.

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