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Caravan residents rescued from Oxfordshire floods

Caravan residents at a park in Oxfordshire had to be rescued after the park they were staying in flooded for the second time in recent months.

Some 20 people were rescued from Thameside Court Caravan Park in Bablockhythe, near Northmoor, reports the Oxford Mail.

Paul Leggett, 65, is among those who left their caravan as a result of the rising water levels. He told the news provider that the flooding "seems to be happening more and more often".

Station commander Nick Bourke is leading the rescue operation and he revealed more than a dozen people have chosen to stay at the caravan park despite the flooding.

He said: "We will continue to support them with any information and advice that they might want or need."

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue have been carrying out a pumping operation to get rid of the standing water and local resident Rodger Williams, 37, who lives on the Chalgrove High Street, stated that this has been a success.

The Environment Agency has 16 severe flood warnings in place today (February 10th), as well as 141 flood warnings and more than 200 possible flood alerts.

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