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Caravan park owner calls for monitoring after landslip

A caravan park owner has said that the British coastline needs to be monitored more closely for erosion after a 2011 landslip put her business in jeopardy.

Sally Edwards, from Porthkerry Caravan Park, told the BBC that she has spent around £1 million making the site safe since a large section of the cliff broke away.

This left 15 caravans hanging over the edge and wiped £250,000 from the value of her organisation.

"When you're on the coastline you're aware of erosion. But you've got that buffer of a large expanse of land and you expect bits to chop off with the weather and the elements, and the cold and the hot, but you don't expect that," she added.

She called for "some sort of heads up" so that preparations can be made, although she doubted whether this was possible.

At the time of the landslip Ms Edwards told the BBC that she would never be able to have sales and rents of 16 plots within her caravan park, which would have a knock-on effect on the business.

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