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Captain Calamity

A 38 year old sailor went to sea in his makeshift catamaran and was forced to be rescued after 450 yards out at sea.

Despite warnings from coastguard officials, who witnessed the unnamed man constructing the vessel, made entirely of two coffin shaped wood boxes, a metal bedstead and a cargo net to cover it.

A member of the of public raised the alarm when the Robinson Crusoe like catamaran got into trouble 450 yards from the shore and began drifting into the English Channel.

The Lyme Regis coastguard team were forced to rescue the stranded sailor and his vessel back to shore, costing the coastguard £3000 for the rescue.

Lifeguards issued a caution to the man, who is thought to have mental health problems, and warned him not to take it out to sea again. A spokesperson for the Portland coastguard said,” It was an irresponsible thing to do, that lifeboat could have been needed for another emergency.”

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Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/7619925/Coastguard-rescue-captain-calamity-sailor-who-almost-drowned-in-DIY-craft.html

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