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Canine long jump competition

The idea of the canine long jump competition is simply to see how far a dog can jump. The event has been extremely popular in America for several years but has now come to England. The popularity in the competition is increasing with over 700 dogs entering the six ‘Dash ‘n Splash’ contests held over Southern England last year. There are more competitions expected to be arranged this summer in the UK. The owner of the dog will throw either a toy or a tennis ball across a large surface area of water for example, a swimming pool or a lake. The dog will run up a 30ft ramp and launch itself in the air in the hope that it will catch the toy/ball. Which dog jumps the furthest will win the canine long jump competition. The current British record holder is Dash, a labrador-pointer cross from Suffolk. He jumped 28ft which is not far short of the human world record which is set at 29ft. The jumps are measured electronically and there are supervisors who will help the dogs to get out of the water. The Organiser, Adam Wittwer said, “there is a lot of noise and kids love to sit right next to the pool because they get wet. Cross breeds which have a retriever instinct and longer legs tend to make the best jumpers. Some dogs run straight into the water but most will do it while retrieving an article. The only thing that can go wrong is the dog changing its mind at the last moment and falling in rather than jumping.”

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Source: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1244737/Walkieeeeeees-The-canine-long-jump-unlikely-craze-dog-owners.html, 20th January 2010

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