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Canine couple survive 150ft fall

One owner who may have had to claim on her dog insurance policy recently was Lyndsey Rudd, whose two pooches chased a rabbit off a 150ft cliff.

Miraculously, both animals survived the fall and Sasha and Moby are both expected to recover fully, reports BBC News.

The event occurred in Southerndown, Bridgend county and according to Mrs Rudd, both creatures suddenly stopped playing with each other and bolted.

“I was certain they would have both died – it is a miracle that they survived falling so far,” the owner commented.

She revealed that when she looked over the edge, she saw one animal lying motionless and the other limping away.

However, they were immediately taken to the vet for a check-up and treatment.

Owners of adventurous four-legged friends may want to take out insurance for pets to help them meet any unexpected medical costs.

Earlier this month, dog walkers in Brunswick helped raise £4,000 to pay for the operations needed by rescued dog Angel, the Echo reported.

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