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Canine congregation member praised by vicar

Some Brits with dog insurance may despair at their animals’ behaviour, but this does not seem to be a problem for Jean and Vernon Merry, whose pooch Mandy has been praised by their local vicar.

The canine has attended church every Sunday for 13 years and was described by Reverend Guy Jamieson, vicar at St Anne in the Grove, Halifax, as “good as gold”, reports BBC News.

“She does seem to have an air of respect for the institution, because when I’ve visited Jean and Vernon at home she’s very excitable,” the clergyman observed.

He suggested that the Yorkshire Terrier understood that a different kind of behaviour was required of her while sitting through services.

As well as being quiet during countless sermons, the devout pooch has also been blessed by Stephen Platten, the Bishop of Wakefield.

Last month, the Bishop of Warwick held a ceremony in which he blessed horses on a family hack as part of a drive to raise money to repair a hole in the wall of the St Giles Church, reported the Coventry Telegraph.

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