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Can Your Horse Become a Superstar?

There’s a new star in town, but it isn’t a Hollywood celebrity. In fact the next big thing isn’t human at all – he’s a tiny dancing pony who goes by the name of Socks.

The innovative Dance Pony Dance advert for the mobile provider Three has gone viral on YouTube and attracted over five million views. It was created by ad agency Wieden+Kennedy and shows Shetland pony Socks dancing to the tune of Fleetwood Mac’s song Everywhere.

Of course, Socks isn’t the first flexible horse to catch the public’s attention. The world famous Lipizzaner stallions from the Spanish Riding School of Vienna in Austria regularly give performances which demonstrate their mastery of classical dressage.

The sight of horses from the Austrian and Dutch teams dancing to artists such as Phil Collins at the Olympics also sparked an interest in how the animals could be trained to perform. While competitive dressage training can take years to master, most horses can be taught the simple movements which will enable them to dance.

Training a horse to dance is based around a trotting movement, which is known in the dressage world as piaffe. This allows the animal to move lightly in time to music by trotting in place, performing deep knee bends with its hind leg joints and flexing the joints in its front legs.

If you’re interested in teaching your horse to dance, or suspect you may have the next Socks in your stable, it’s a good idea to make sure you have equine insurance in case of any accidents. Pony insurance means you are covered whether your four-legged superstar is in perfect health or under the weather, so consider speaking to E&L insurance for more information.

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