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Camera insurance customers ‘should pick policies carefully’

Picking the right camera insurance can be a challenging task, one specialist has claimed, but it is important for people to take their time over the decision.

Mike Powell, insight analyst at independent research organisation Defaqto, said this is particularly the case when trying to get cover for a holiday.

“There are so many differentiators in a travel insurance policy and people really need to take a little bit of time to look at what is available in the market,” he commented.

Using camera insurance as an example, Mr Powell noted that if individuals simply pick the cheapest policy they may find more expensive pieces of equipment are not covered.

Basic camera insurance may only stretch to £200, he explained, so owners will be out of pocket if their £400 purchase happens to get lost or stolen.

According to Defaqto figures, 81 per cent of insurance policies will protect personal belongings worth £1,000 or more on trips away.

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