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Burglar jailed for 3 years

A prolific burglar has been sent to prison for three years after one victim tackled him.

Andrew Clay had targeted a property in Cambridge, but the woman caught him red-handed and was helped to capture him by three bystanders.

The Cambridge News reports that they were able to restrain the burglar until police arrived.

Clay – who has four previous convictions for burglary – subsequently pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary and was sentenced to three years in jail.

Among the 250 offences he has racked up in total are the thefts of a bike and a camera.

The victim of the latter robbery may have needed to make a claim on their camera insurance policy. Purchasing insurance can provide a level of cover for consumers in the event of them becoming a victim of a theft.

Detective sergeant Lindsay Harbour stated that Clay has caused "a lot of distress" to his victims.

"He is a prolific burglar and the victim showed great bravery following Clay which resulted in our officers arresting him," she said.

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