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Bunnies not Birdies at Cornish Golfcourse

When Rod Baker and his wife Shelia started out their game of golf, they certainly did not expect to to stumble across a rabbit warren containing five baby bunnies.

Sheila Baker hit her shot near the bunker on the 9th hole and upon getting closer to her ball, noticed that there was a hole in the bunker. Within it the couple found 5 baby rabbits snuggled in between hay and fur.

Mr Baker stated to the Daily Mail that “They must only have been a few days old. My wife hit a shot near the bunker and that’s how we spotted it.

“Its not what you expect to see in the bunker of a golf course.

Since spotting the bunnies, the 9th hole at the St Kew golf club near Wadsbridge has been closed so that the little rabbits and their mother would not be disturbed until they are old enough to be re homed or move out of their own accord.

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