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Boris Johnson launches charity music fund

Boris Johnson’s latest project may inspire parents to invest in musical insurance and encourage their children to learn an instrument.

The Mayor of London’s Fund for Young Musicians (MFYM) scheme has been launched in a bid to help support talented youngsters in the capital.

Money provided by the fund will help provide scholarships for kids, with those from socially disadvantaged backgrounds likely to benefit greatly.

“If a young Londoner has a talent for music and the commitment to progress, I want them to be able to do so regardless of their starting point,” the Mayor stated.

The charity will give 400 children aged between seven and 11 years old free four-year scholarships under the £2 million initiative.

Since taking over as Mayor in 2008, Johnson has helped spearhead the Greater London Authority to spend more than £400,000 on championing music education in the city.

The MFYM notes this as being central to developing the sector to the point where it is today.

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