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Abandoned dog becomes rescue mountain dog

In 2007 poor Jody the border collie was left, along with her two brothers abandoned and taken in by the Dog’s Trust in Ballymena.

Jody is an itelligent and adorable dog, well receptive to dog training. Staff at the Dog’s Trust recognised this and luckily they knew of a keen dog walker and deputy team leader of the North West Mountain Rescue Team, John Binns. My Binn’s own dog had died three months earlier and he was happy to once again have a companion.

He stated “the staff contacted me to say she may be suitable and I picked her up. I noticed she had a high prey-drive and I thought she may be suitable for training, so after a while I contacted Sarda (The Search and Rescue Dog Association)…She has the capability of covering large areas of ground in all conditions using her extremely sensitive nose to locate casualties, a task that would require a larger number of people.”

Last weekend Jody was qualified as a search and rescue dog and she is now on call to help in Ireland and the UK.

To get Jody ready for her new role and to receive her mountain rescue tag and search dog coat the two year old bitch had to undergo a number of successful searched over a two day period. The search was competed in the high slopes and bad weather of County Down.

John trained Jody to search for humans with her sensitive nose – allowing her to quickly find and search out an injured person.

As a reward for finding the injured people, she was allowed to play with her favourite squeaky toy.

John pays tribute to the hard working staff at the dogs trust and their dedication to give each abandoned dog the best lifestyle possible. “Without their dedication Jody may never have been given the chance to gave a safe, fun-filled life whilst being able to help others.”

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Source: www.news.bbc.co.uk

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