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Book about world’s smallest horse to be published

Horse insurance customers looking for some light reading might consider purchasing the new book chronicling the life of the world’s smallest horse.

Einstein stands at only 20 in tall, only one inch taller than the average height of a newborn of his breed, reports the Daily Mail.

To celebrate the first birthday of the perfectly formed equine, his owners have written a novel about the animal, which has garnered much media attention and even appeared on Oprah.

While he is too small to play with other horses, he is apparently friends with a pair of dwarf goats, a St Bernard dog and a full-sized stallion called Playboy.

“Playboy is owned by a young lady who lives next to our farm and Einstein sometimes meets him to have a head sniff and a simple hello,” said owner Charlie Cantrell.

He added that Einstein seems unaware of his stature and approaches other animals as if he was no smaller than they.

Another owner of a miniature horse who may have to claim on an equine insurance policy is Darren Howard of Buckinghamshire, whose Shetland stallion was stolen earlier this month.

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