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Border Collie stuns scientists by learning over 1,000 words

Pet InsuranceA border collie from the US has learnt the names to over a 1,000 items, stunning scientists and becoming an internet sensation.

Chaser had been trained for three years by scientists in South Carolina who have studied Chasers impressive recognition and published their findings.

The ability of dogs to learn the names for objects is not new. Many dog lovers can testify to the intelligence of their beloved pooches and their ability to understand commands.

However, the amount of objects that Chaser has learnt and the way in which she can categorise objects by function or shape puts her in the running for doggy Mensa.

Although while natural intelegance may have played some part in Chasers astonishing achievements, it is believed that the meticulous training regime is at they heart of Chasers success.

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