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Blue Peter dog Lucy dies aged 13

Lucy the Blue Peter dog has passed away at the age of 13 and was described by presenter Helen Skelton as a “loyal and loving ” part of the show’s family.

Those with dog insurance might remember that she joined the programme 12 series’ ago.

She was the seventh canine to become a Blue Peter pet and she will be added to names such as Petra, Shep, Bonnie and Meg who have also been part of the show’s “family unit”.

Commenting on the loss, Skelton said: “I know the viewers will miss her as much as we already do.”

In an article for the Sun she explained that there was never any question of lying to the young viewers of the show about the sad event, saying: “It helps them understand that when somebody dies you shouldn’t stop talking about them.”

Other animals to have featured as long-term members of the team include the parrots Joey and Barney and the tortoises, Freda, Maggie, Jim, George and Shelley.

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