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Blue Cross: Nearly one in ten UK horses overweight

Nearly one tenth of the UK’s horse population might be overweight, news that might prompt equine insurance customers to check on the health of their animals.

According to a survey conducted by the Blue Cross, nine per cent of the animals studied were too heavy, while eight per cent weighed too little.

Indeed, the prevalence of weight issues made it the second most common problem among the UK’s equines.

The ailment found most frequently was lameness, with 11 per cent of the horses taking part in the study suffering from this condition.

Owners of equines might consider taking out a cheap horse insurance policy to help them meet any costs incurred by weight-related ailments or lameness.

One positive piece of news revealed by the study was that the instances of laminitis dropped to three per cent, which was lower than in previous surveys.

According to horse feed manufacturer Dodson & Horrell, animals only put on weight if their calorie intake is higher than the amount they use up exercising.

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