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Birds in Japan showing strange mutation

There is research coming from the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology in Japan that after the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 where three nuclear power reactors were heavily damaged, there are changes in the local birds however it cannot be determined if this is a direct result of the radiation from the plant.

Data is collected from a river close to the plant and birds are captured every 30 minutes, examined and released during this period. This has been done roughly every 3 months with the survey starting at 04:00 and lasting for about 6 hours.

When examined there were unusual changes noted, with uneven tail feathers which had a moth like appearance. Also, some of the feathers were much longer than would be expected. Feathers tend to grow reliably to certain lengths and on younger birds may be shorter but it is most unusual for them to be longer.

The researchers do not know at this stage what the cause of the abnormalities are but they do say that it is possible that it could be due to the radioactive fallout from the power-plant.

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