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Bird steals horse hair for nest

Horse lovers looking for equine insurance may be interested to hear about one animal that was targeted by a bird looking for nesting materials.

David Offord snapped images of a jackdaw plucking hairs from the mane of a chestnut -coloured pony that was resting in a field.

As the four-legged creature lay down on the grass, the black bird stole hairs from the horse’s back and took them away to line its nest.

Mr Offord remarked that the animal “didn’t seem too bothered at all” by the jackdaw’s behaviour.

He added that initially he thought the bird was hunting for insects among the horse’s coat before realising it had a bunch of hairs in its beak.

The former police photographer captured the pictures while on holiday in Buston, Norfolk.

Elsewhere, a horse was recently rescued by a local rancher after it became trapped in a canal containing between six and eight inches of water in Phoenix, Arizona.

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