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A bike lock and bicycle seat in one? yes please!

Savvy cyclists set to secure cycles in style with Seatylock!

It’s not often that you get to report on security innovations that don’t involve smartphone technology or GPS, but this new concept is a great idea for commuter cyclists:-

Introducing the SEATYLOCK – a bicycle seat and bike lock in one!

Why has no-one thought of this before? It is the solution to numerous frustrations:

    • – Broken D-Lock mounting brackets – they always seem to perish don’t they?
    • – How or where to carry a bike lock – isn’t it always annoying having to hang it over your handle bars?
    • – No need to put a wet dirty bike lock in your backpack – no more squashed sandwiches for lunch!

According to the Stolen Bikes website in 2012 it is estimated that nearly 464,000 bikes were stolen (115,902 reported to police who say that roughly 1 in 5 bike thefts are reported), and with the increase in popularity caused by the London Olympics and Tour De France 2014 set to continue we can assume this statistic will rise. So smart cyclists who want to keep rolling should adhere to standard security advice of using two locks and make sure your bicycle is secured in accordance with any insurance policies you may have.

What is a Seatylock?

Simply put, the Seatylock merges an extremely tough link-style lock with a bike seat. You unclip it and it unfurls to a full metre in length allowing you to secure your pedal-powered steed in style. It comes in two models – Trekking and Comfort, the former coming in 100g lighter at 1.3kg. Both come in a choice of colours from black or brown to striped combinations. There is even a funky limited Kickstarter edition, which leads us nicely on to availability… but first here’s there video on Youtube: _

I want one! Where can I get it?

Yes, it’s currently on Kickstarter with shipping available to the UK from their HQ in New York. The cheapest model still in stock is the Trekking Classic & Comfort Classic for $85 plus $15 shipping which comes to roughly £61 at time of publishing, which if you consider that is for a good seat and lock is pretty good value. If you want to find out more or purchase a Seatylock click here, or if you want to make sure your bike is properly protected click here.

HANDY HINT: Please note that when insuring your bike it is your responsibility to ensure that you are using a lock that been approved by your insurer. At time of publishing, because the SeatyLock is so new, it has not been tested but we hope that these become popular enough and secure enough to add to our approved list of bike locks.

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