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Better to marry your partner as less risk of breaking up

A study was conducted by the Office for National Statistics which proved that you are more likely to separate if you are not married. Four out of five married couples were still together after ten years, however in the same ten year period two out of five couples co-habiting had separated. It showed that people who got married would stay together for longer and it doesn’t matter the age, state of their health, level of education or their social class. The study was based on 750,000 couples that completed the census survey in both 1991 and 2001. 18% of the married couples separated in the ten years whereas a substantial amount more of the cohabitees separated in the same time frame – 39%.
The Labour Government are currently trying to campaign against Conservative plans to give tax breaks to married couples. Children’s Secretary Ed Balls is leading the campaign and said “Once you adjust for the fact that people who are married tend to marry older, be better educated and have higher incomes, you find it is not the legal form, it is the strength and stability of the relationship which is most important.”
The ONS said the reason for the success in marriages is that if you are the type of person that is wanting to get married then you may be more likely to sustain a long term relationship, “Those adults who are more likely to have stable relationships may also be more likely to marry rather than cohabit. Married and cohabitating populations have different characteristics and it may be these different characteristics rather than the partnership arrangements themselves that results in the differences in stability.”

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Source: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1260774/Cohabiting-couples-twice-likely-married-partners.html, 26th March 2010

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