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Best Places to Go Horse Trekking

Horse trekking is a great way to see the English countryside and it’s an outdoor activity that everyone can enjoy. Treks can last anywhere from a few hours to several days, and if you aren’t familiar with the area you can arrange for an experienced guide to take you out.

If you enjoy horse trekking, you might be interested in a horse hotel or holiday package deal. There are many companies that organise weekends away in the countryside or seaside locations, with pre-planned treks included in the price. This is the perfect way to explore a new location safely and to meet other people interested in horses.

The most common place to go horse trekking in England is the countryside. Some of the popular rural locations include Lancashire and Dartmoor, where the fields and hills stretch out for miles, and you can witness the best nature Britain has to offer. If you are planning a countryside trek, make sure to schedule plenty of breaks and let someone know where you are going, in case you get lost.

Beaches are also popular locations for horse and pony trekking. They provide a picturesque route and you can stop to paddle in the sea or eat some typical seaside cuisine along the way. A beach trek is a refreshing escape from everyday life and a perfect holiday activity. Some of the best beaches for horse trekking in England include the expansive Studland Beach in Dorset and secluded Holkham Bay in Norfolk.

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