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Ben Fogle ‘tackles fox to save pet dog’

The heroics of one famous face may be of interest to Labrador insurance customers in the UK.

TV star Ben Fogle has told of how he recently had to tackle a fox that attacked his black dog Inca, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Fogle explained that he had spotted the large fox prowling around the streets near his home in London on several occasions.

Then, when he was taking Inca and two other Labradors out for a walk late one night, the animal went for his elderly pooch.

“The fox started chasing her and I flung myself in between the two. I rugby tackled it and gave it a nudge, a hard nudge,” he stated.

Inca has accompanied Fogle on many adventures in her time and has appeared on programmes such as Countryfile, Crufts, Heaven and Earth and Holiday.

The TV personality revealed that although his furry friend was fine after the ordeal, he suffered a slight sprained ankle.

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