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Battersea looks for home for cat and dog buddies

The rehoming team at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home are hoping that an altruistic animal lover – who may need pet insurance for two animals – will take in a pair of furry friends that have lived together for years.

Whiskas the cat and Ben the Golden Retriever will hopefully be found a new owner after their previous human companions were forced to give them up when they moved house, reports London 24.

Ros Davies, one of the rehomers with the charity, commented: “They really are a lovable pair and will make someone very happy indeed.”

Animal lovers may be tempted to take out cat insurance and dog insurance and adopt the creatures in light of her assertion that Ben is a “lovable boy” and that Whiskas is “a lovely, plump girl who loves sitting on laps and having her ears rubbed”.

Despite the animals being kept at different parts of the rescue centre, staff have made efforts to ensure that the old friends get the chance reunite occasionally so they do not miss each other’s company.

US news provider WIS recently reported that Golden Retriever Ginger – a breed of dog traditionally used by hunters to bring back ducks and other birds shot by humans – has taken a pair of ducklings under her wing.

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