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Bald eagle swipes fisherman’s catch straight off the line

A fisherman from the US may have to make a claim on his angling insurance after his catch was targeted by a bird of prey.

Bruce Huntley told the Bellingham Herald how he was sat in a rubber dinghy on Lake Padden in Washington when they incident occurred.

He described how he was reeling in his catch when a bald eagle with a six foot wingspan swooped down and snatched the fish straight off the line.

It is not known if Mr Huntley's equipment was damaged by the incident, but the angler was certainly left shaken by the experience.

"He came out of the tree and scared the holy bejesus out of me," Mr Huntley remarked.

The bird came within ten feet of the dinghy and the fisherman's friend Rick Warren caught the entire incident on camera.

Bald eagles can live to be 28-years-old in the wild and around 36-years-old if kept in captivity, according to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

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