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Author protects pooch with water pistol

An author has revealed that she has taken to guarding her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel George with a water pistol, dog insurance customers may be intrigued to learn.

The poor pooch, who stars in her novel My Life with George: Surviving Life With the King of the Canines, has been attacked by foxes three times while in his owner’s garden, Judith Summers revealed in a piece for the Daily Mail.

Among the other deterrents the writer has tried are an electronic device that emits an ultrasonic sound and a scent designed to inform foxes that they are in another creature’s territory.

However, as yet these measures have met with little success and Ms Summers said she has taken to watching over her pooch armed with a Super Soaker.

She revealed that if this measure still does not rid her of the vixen and the cubs that are tormenting her pooch, she has one more plan to implement:

“I’m going to go to London Zoo to beg a bucketful of lion dung to sprinkle around my flower beds,” Ms Summers stated.

According to thefoxwebsite.org, urban foxes ate an average of one pet every five years in Bristol, but is suggested that those hoping not to claim on their pet insurance cover should ensure their creatures are properly housed if living outside.

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