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Arrests made in Tonbridge after bike theft crackdown

A crackdown on bike theft in Tonbridge has led to local police making a number of arrests.

Nearly 30 bikes were reported stolen in the Tonbridge and Malling district between December and February, including a GT Avalanche mountain bike that was stolen after the owner left it outside a supermarket on December 23th in York Parade.

Police constable Joe Breen told the Courier that the local force is working hard to bring down the number of bike thefts taking place in the area.

"However, criminals see them as easy pickings because bikes are often left poorly secured or sometimes not at all," he said.

"Always lock your bike wherever you are, and if possible use two locks made from different materials, as thieves will need to use different methods to cut through them."

PC Breen added that the local force regularly recovers stolen bikes, but if they are unmarked they cannot be returned to their owners.

Cyclists should therefore ensure they register their bikes online and add security markings to their model where appropriate.

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